I‘ve always liked to watch Fred Couples practice chipping. As I’m demonstrating here, he often practices with only his right hand on the club. This leads to a good motion away from the ball if you have set up properly. 

This one-handed drill produces a rhythmic backswing, with the wrist slowly hinging. The right elbow points at the right hip throughout the backswing. Then a little knee action creates an accelerating forward swing. 

You want the right hand and wrist to cock a bit and then uncock, just like Fred is doing here. Many golfers are too stiff-armed playing chip shots. That results in cupping the left wrist and scooping at the ball. 

Done correctly, this drill also will help your longer swings. It’s the same basic motion. 

Fred Couples hones his chipping stroke by swinging the club with his right hand only. This drill improves your motion back and through.