Golfers, become a mentor


Many kids are interested in golf but lack access to golf courses and Golf Mentors. Watson Links is helping change that by connecting them with local courses and experienced golf mentors like you! We arrange the tee times, communicate with the Youth Players and foot the bill, allowing you to:

Pay It Forward

Pass on your love for golf and encourage others to embrace the game.

Empower Future Players

Help youth players reach their full potential in golf and life.

Foster Camaraderie

Create lasting bonds among all those you guide.

Nurture Growth

Play a part in their skill development and personal growth.


Skip the Skills Lessons

You’ll notice there’s nothing about improving a player’s grip, stance, or swing because you’re not a golf instructor! You’re a role model that sets standards for discipline, sportsmanship, integrity, and respect. Just help them navigate the course, understand golf etiquette, and maintain a reasonable pace of play – in other words, help them have fun!
You can even invite your golfing buddies to join you! Learn more about how it works and explore some of our most frequently asked questions.

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