Fulfilling Fun


Golf is more than just a sport.

It’s a journey that promotes positive physical and mental health, builds character, and fosters social skills. Your child may be too busy having a good time to notice, but you’ll see golf’s impact:

Builds Character

Golf instills essential values such as integrity, discipline and sportsmanship, helping your child become a better person on and off the course.

Lifelong Sport

Golf is a sport your child can enjoy for a lifetime. It transcends generations, offering endless opportunities to connect with people.

Mental Focus

Golf challenges your child’s mental acuity, teaching them to stay calm under pressure and make strategic decisions.


As your child’s golf skills gradually improve, so does their self-esteem, bolstering their confidence in all areas of life.

Family Bonding

Golf is a fantastic way to spend quality time with your child and create lasting family memories.

Team Play

Playing golf on school teams introduces teamwork and companionship, often leading to long-term friendships.


For aspiring young players, golf scholarships can open doors to higher education and future opportunities.

Love for the Outdoors

Golf encourages an appreciation for the outdoors and offers an alternative to screen time, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Why Watson Links?

At Watson Links, we arrange for your child to play nine holes of golf on a local course free of charge, under the direction of a trained adult Golf Mentor. Online registration, local program management and golf course partnerships ensure you and your child have a positive experience

Fun Transition

We make the journey from golf lessons to the golf course exciting and fun, promoting physical activity and fostering a lifelong love for the game.

Social Play with Peers

Your child will enjoy golf with friends and experienced mentors, creating memorable social experiences.

Golf Skill Development

Your child will develop essential golf skills and learn golf etiquette in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Valuable Lifelong Skills

We don’t just teach golf; we empower your child with skills and experiences that will last a lifetime on and off the course.

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