Grab a 9-iron, even an 8-iron, to play this chip. 

A common mistake when hitting an uphill chip shot is coming up well short of the hole. Too often, amateurs use a club with too much loft, like a sand wedge. Remember, the upward angle of the slope adds loft to the club. If you choose your sand wedge, the ball will likely fly too high. 

From the uphill lie shown here, I used a 9-iron to lower my shot’s trajectory and get more roll. I might also try an 8-iron. Chipping with a less-lofted club gives me better distance control. It takes less effort and is easier to judge and execute. (I might use a sand wedge if the hole is cut close.) 

Another mistake I see people make is leaning into the slope and jabbing the club into it when they swing. This also leads to leaving it short. Instead, widen your stance and align your body with the slope, your back shoulder lower and your front shoulder higher. You’ll feel your weight in your back foot, but make sure your back knee is kicked in and well braced.