Pick tees that give you irons into the greens. 

Many golfers play from tees that make the course too long. It might be a challenge, but they miss out on the enjoyment factor. This would be a good season to choose tees that fit your game. 

The total yardage of a course is most important. You want to play it so you generally can hit your irons into the greens. I would suggest, based on experience playing with average golfers and my course-design work, these overall yardage guidelines: The average male golfer should play from 6,200 yards; average female, 5,000 yards; average senior male, 5,400 yards; average senior female, 4,700 yards. (Note that these suggestions are for normal course conditions and weather.) 

My approach when I design a course is to provide at least four sets of tees with those guidelines in mind: championship, men’s, senior, forward/women’s. I like to play shorter tees, for the variety and strategy, especially on my drives. 

Make it fun. You should never forget the enjoyment factor. Plus, playing the right tees for your game speeds up play, and we’re all for that. 


Being caught between clubs is a classic dilemma for golfers. Do you swing harder with the shorter club or softer with the longer club? I like to take the longer one, and either grip down or shorten my swing a little. My feeling is, if you go with the longer club, you don’t have to overpower the swing; swinging hard usually leads to poor contact. Practice your in-between shots on the range. 


I’ve moved up two tees here at The Greenbrier so I can bite off more of this creek. Now that’s fun.