It will help you make a better backswing —

When setting up to the ball, flex your legs slightly and kick your right knee in toward your left. That will keep your weight from swaying outside your right foot during the backswing, giving you a much better chance of hitting the ball solidly.

If you set up with a straight right leg, your center of gravity can move too much, making it hard to get back to the ball at impact. Your balance can go, too.

The right knee will be pointed in more at impact than at address, but it’s good to imprint the position in your setup because it helps you maintain your posture. Some players such as Gary Player kick their right knee in as a forward press to start their swing.

Other points to keep in mind: Bend from the waist with a straight back; keep your weight on the balls of your feet; and stick your rear end out for a stable, athletic stance.

Remember, good posture often leads to good shots.


I played an exhibition with Arnold Palmer when I was a teenager, and my dad asked him what would make me a better player. Arnold said, “Play as much competition as you can.” Put yourself under pressure, and you’ll learn how to play well under pressure.