Nearly every average golfer I watch lacks a sound grip—the most important fundamental in golf. You must pay attention to how your hands connect to the club and then check your grip constantly. Here’s a way to grip the club better and aim it more accurately. 

Take your grip out in front of you with the shaft parallel to the ground and the toe of the club pointing straight up (by aiming the bottom edge of the club, not the top edge). If you’re right-handed, first set your left hand on the club so you can see two knuckles. This is a neutral grip. If you’re prone to slicing, try rotating your left hand clockwise on the grip until you see three knuckles. I like the left thumb running down the right-center of the shaft. Then, with the right hand, let the club rest in the fingers, not in the palm. 

Lower the club and you should be able to aim the face correctly, with a sound grip. 

Thoughts From Tom: 


In a good shift, your weight goes to your right heel at the top of the swing and to your left heel through impact. Focus on this when you get tired toward the end of a round. 


I don’t like to make excuses or play “what if” after I hit a bad shot or get a strange bounce. I’ve played this game long enough to know that things eventually even out. 

A better way to grip: 

When you grip the club in front of you, you set the clubface square by pointing the toe straight up. Then lower it to the ball.