All the best ball-strikers do a great job of firing the right side through the impact zone while they release the club with the right hand. I’m demonstrating this powerful move here. It’s a natural way to swing for right-handers, and you can do this as long as your left side is leading the way. At impact, most of your weight should be on your left foot, and your right heel should be off the ground. Byron Nelson got his right side to fire through the ball by keeping his elbows close to his body at impact—he said he wore out the right side of his slacks, because his right elbow would brush against them all the time. My longtime swing thought for this move through the ball is to finish with my belt buckle facing the target. 


Anybody who can count to two can make a smooth putting stroke. By that I mean “one” on the backstroke and “two” on the forward stroke. I’ll count out loud when I’m practicing my putting. 

Your left side leads but your right side provides the power.