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Use This Stretch to Swing with More Power and Consistency

February 26, 2024

Here’s a simple stretch you can do sitting in a golf cart before you hit your first ball. It will maximize your upper-body rotation, a key to power and consistency. You see much more rotation in tour pros than in average golfers. 

Face forward on the driver’s side, then slowly rotate around with your upper body to grasp the cart’s vertical overhead support with one hand and the side guard with the other hand. Your lower body remains in place. Gently pull with both hands and hold the stretch for about a minute. Then repeat the process on the other side. 

This exercise also can be performed using a chair and its back. Golf carts have their place in the game, but I have always preferred to walk, because it results in better swing rhythm as well as better exercise. 

You should always warm up before stretching. Jog in place or take a brisk walk. And immediately stop doing a stretch if it starts to hurt. Stretch only as far as you’re comfortable. 

For a better turn, stretch your upper torso before you play.