Kenny Perry gave me a refresher on an old and very good drill. I’ve started doing it again myself. He was talking about how he developed his excellent balance by hitting thousands of practice balls with his feet together. 

The feet-together drill forces you to cock the club on the backswing, uncock it in the impact area and recock it on the follow-through. You can’t overuse your body hitting balls with your feet together, or you’ll fall over. Your arms and wrists, not your body, have to square up the club. 

Kenny talked about his swing keys. “I try to keep my feet under me at all times,” he said. “I cock my wrists early off the ball, rotate my shoulders and then uncock and release with speed and control at impact. Balance is a big thing.” 

More Tips From Tom: 

Transfer your weight to the right foot during the backswing and back to the left foot during the downswing. 

Byron Nelson taught me to return my hips and elbows to their original address position as I’m swinging through the ball. 

On shorter shots, do not stand still and use only your hands and arms. Move the lower body in timing with the arms and hands. 

The feet-together drill helps Kenny Perry maintain his balance as he turns around his spine.