The choice depends on where the hole is. 

I play a buried bunker shot one of two ways, depending on distance: 

LONG SHOTS: I was playing an old Sandy Andy wedge when I first learned the standard technique from my dad: Strengthen the grip, toe in the club about 30 degrees, play the ball back of center in your stance and make a steep downswing. Today I might use a pitching wedge or 9-iron if I’m sure I can clear the lip. Those clubs have less bounce than a sand wedge so they dig easily under the ball, rather than skim into it. The ball comes out hot and rolls. 

SHORT SHOTS: Lee Trevino taught me to weaken my grip, open the face about 30 degrees, position the ball forward of center with my weight on my left foot and swing even more steeply. I swing harder to generate enough speed to produce a softer shot that stops fast. It’s even OK to leave the clubhead in the sand.